Stuart Vezey

Stuart Vezey was born in 1948 in Kingston-upon-Thames. He wrote his first orchestral piece in 1966/7 - the Symphony No. 1 in Bb major - and his first choral piece in 1968 - a setting of Tennyson’s poem Break, Break, Break (On Thy Cold Gray Stones, O Sea!) for a capella mixed chorus.

Other choral works - some of which have been recorded – include Four Shakespeare Sonnets, Psalm 37, Locksley Hall, Psalm 56, Ave Maria and Von Herzen for a capella mixed chorus, a Missa Brevis for mixed chorus, woodwind and brass, Psalm 51 (Miserere) for mezzo-soprano soloist, mixed chorus and woodwind quartet, a setting of the Song of Mary (Magnificat) for mixed chorus and orchestra, The Bells of Christmas Ring and Nunc Dimittis both for double choir, a setting of the Te Deum for mixed chorus and orchestra and an a capella mixed chorus arrangement of Tennyson's Calm is the morn from his forthcoming composition for baritone, choir and orchestra - An English Requiem - including text from Tennyson’s In Memoriam.

Other current work-in-progress includes a ballet Suite - Oenone - for contralto soloist and orchestra and a setting of the Stabat Mater for mixed chorus, woodwind, marimba and strings.

Those pieces available to view/hear on YouTube are:

Break, break, break* (2mins):
(Matthew Hamilton/New London Chamber Choir)

Locksley Hall (3m 44secs):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)   

Agnus Dei (from Missa Brevis) (2mins 30secs):      
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Credo (from Missa Brevis) (7mins):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Psalm 37** (4mins):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Psalm 51 (Miserere) (13m 37secs):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers: Mezzo-soprano soloist Angie Elder  Woodwind: Flute - Daniel Parkin, Oboe - Rebecca Wood, Clarinet - Karen Hobbs, Bassoon - Graham Hobbs)

Psalm 56 (5mins 30secs):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Calm is the morn (5m 51secs): 
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)  

Von Herzen (1m 50secs):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Sweet Silent Thought (from Four Shakespeare Sonnets) (4mins):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

'A Journey Through Time' - Symphony No. 1 in Bb major (35m 39secs):                                                                                                                                                                   (computer-generated soundtrack using Sibelius/Note Performer software)

No Longer Mourn For Me (from Four Shakespeare Sonnets) (4mins):
(Matthew Hamilton/New London Chamber Choir)

First performance - Sunday 16 July 2006 at St Andrew's Church, Enfield (Byrdsong)

** First performance – Saturday 17 February 2018 at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square (Ivor Setterfield conducting the New London Singers)

The music for all of the above is published by:

Kidman, Little & Associates Ltd.

E-mail for further details.