Stuart Vezey

Stuart Vezey was born in 1948 in Kingston-upon-Thames. He wrote his first orchestral piece in 1964/7 - Symphony No. 1 in Bb major ('A Journey Through Time') - and his first choral piece in 1968 - a setting of Tennyson’s poem Break, Break, Break (On Thy Cold Gray Stones, O Sea!) for a capella mixed chorus.

Other choral works - some of which have been recorded – include Four Shakespeare Sonnets, Psalm 37, Locksley Hall, Psalm 56, Ave Maria, Von Herzen and Choric Song for a capella mixed chorus, a Missa Brevis for mixed chorus, woodwind and brass, Psalm 51 (Miserere) for mezzo-soprano soloist, mixed chorus and woodwind quartet, a setting of the Song of Mary (Magnificat) for mixed chorus and orchestra, The Bells of Christmas Ring and Nunc Dimittis both for double choir, a setting of the Te Deum for mixed chorus and orchestra and an a capella mixed chorus arrangement of Tennyson's Calm is the morn from his work-in-progress composition for mezzo soprano, baritone, choir and orchestra - An English Requiem - which includes text from Tennyson’s In Memoriam.

Stuart has also composed a suite for orchestra - Orchestral Dances - and is about to start work on a second symphony. Additionally Stuart has composed the music for the sculptor Rick Morrison's film Healing launched at the Art House Cinema in north London on 26 June 2024.

Those pieces available to view/hear on YouTube are:

Break, break, break* (2mins):
(Matthew Hamilton/New London Chamber Choir)

Locksley Hall (3m 44secs):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)   

Agnus Dei (from Missa Brevis) (2mins 30secs):      
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Credo*** (from Missa Brevis) (7mins):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Psalm 37** (4mins):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Psalm 51 (Miserere) (13m 37secs):

(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers: Mezzo-soprano soloist Angie Elder, Woodwind: Flute - Daniel Parkin, Oboe - Rebecca Wood, Clarinet - Karen Hobbs, Bassoon - Graham Hobbs)

Ave Maria (4m 32secs):     (Jamie Powe/New London Singers)

Choric Song (5m 22secs):     (Jamie Powe/New London Singers)

Psalm 56 (5mins 30secs):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Calm is the morn (5m 51secs): 
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)  

Von Herzen (1m 50secs):    (Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

Sweet Silent Thought (from Four Shakespeare Sonnets) (4mins):
(Ivor Setterfield/New London Singers)

'A Journey Through Time' - Symphony No. 1 in Bb major (35m 39secs):

(computer-generated soundtrack using Sibelius/Note Performer software)

Orchestral Dances (17m 27secs):

(woodwind quartet, violin & cello - computer-generated soundtrack using Sibelius/Note Performer software)

No Longer Mourn For Me (from Four Shakespeare Sonnets) (4mins):
(Matthew Hamilton/New London Chamber Choir)

Healing (film - 26m):

(woodwind quartet, violin & cello - computer-generated soundtrack using Sibelius/Note Performer software)

First performance - Sunday 16 July 2006 at St Andrew's Church, Enfield (Byrdsong)

** First performance – Saturday 17 February 2018 at St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square (Ivor Setterfield conducting the New London Singers)

*** Workshop study - Saturday 22 June 2024 at Latter Day Saints Church, Muswell Hill (Marvin Perrot conducting the Muswell Hill Chorus)

The music for all of the above is published by:

Kidman, Little & Associates Ltd.

E-mail for further details.